Bright Light #upc0815

Bright Light #upc0815 experimenting with ND-filters, organized by Thomas Dral of Urban Photo Collective.

On Saturday evening 15 August a small group of photographers met up with tripods on the Wilheminapier in Rotterdam.

Aim was to shoot with ND filters and try to catch some motion in a long exposure. It was raining a little bit, but we found some good spots where we could keep our equipment and ourselves dry.

As the exposures ranged from 8 seconds to 8 minutes, there was enough time for the third part of UPC‘s motto; Socialize. Which we continued after the shoot, as we went for a few drinks at Obba. All-in-all a good way to spend the evening.

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

I used the blue filter in LR’s black and white filters to get above image, as most of my shots are blue-ish due to the (cheap) filterset I used. I think it really works well here.

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

Sunset was lovely as well, nice contrast between the smooth water and some moving clouds. Still a bit too blue so I’ll likely have another go at it later.

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

(c) Richard Hanemaayer

Goal achieved; motion captured! The flag was blowing nicely on the wind and I even captured the moving of the clock.

p.s. I’m not going to name and shame the only woman who was with us, especially because I think of below photo with “Bob Ross” talking about happy accidents in my mind, but below shot happened when she accidentally bumped into my tripod. Guess I’ll have to name it “happy accident”


(c) Richard Hanemaayer

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